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Who Are We?

We are a group of educational and mental health professionals that care about children. We have years of experience working in schools to help develop programs that work for kids.

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What We Do?

We use our knowledge about brain behavior relationships to carefully evaluate each individual child. We are always investigating researched based treatments for kids.

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Why do we do it?

We work hard for your child because it is our passion to see all children succeed, one child at a time. We believe that the current educational system does not work for every child.

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Our Services

School Neuropsychological Evaluation

What is it?

A school neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of neurocognitive functions such as attention and memory processing. Standard and non standardized testing procedures are used to assess the various abilities that relate to learning and using knowledge and skills. Read More

Gifted and Talented Evaluation

What is it?

This evaluation provides formal documentation of a child’s exceptional thinking skills, problem-solving, creativity, and academic achievement levels. I.Q. scores will be provided as part of the results. Read More

Independent Educational Assessment

What is it?

Research shows that behavioral difficulties affect a child’s classroom learning and the learning of those around him or her. A functional behavioral assessment describes the challenging behaviors in specific, measurable terms and identifies the factors that reinforce the behaviors. It incorporates observation of the student at school, interviews with parents and school staff, questionnaires, and tracking of the behaviors over time. Read More

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  • Dr. Haytasingh's most precious quality is that he is always learning new ways to help children and always searching to understand every child he assesses. He truly sees every child as individual and unique and tries to objectively grasp at who they are and what they may need. He has the added unique insight of a School Neuropsychologist who has expertise and experience working in the public school system which can be essential in determining how and what supports can make such a setting successful.

    Victoria, Special Education Attorney

  • "Rienzi Haytasingh is a consummate educational neuropsychologist. He combines his professional expertise with a keen insight into students and their educational needs. He is well respected by school district personnel for his skills at translating complex assessment information into classroom strategies. In addition to his technical expertise, Dr. Haytasingh relates personally to students, their families, and educators. I would highly recommend Dr. Rienzi Haytasingh as an educational neuropsychologist."

    Carol B, Educational Consult

  • Dr. Rienzi Haytasingh took time to help us understand what the information meant for our daughter. He was flexible with our family limitations and even drove to our home to work with our daughter.

    Patricia L, Parent

  • Because of Dr. Haytasingh, my daughter finally has the IEP we have been fighting for 7 years to get!

    Ron & Angie Ringer

  • We worked with Dr. Rienzi Haytasingh in 2010 when the newly hired and inexperienced psychologist in our school was unable to determine the causes of our son's educational challenges. Not only did Dr. Rienzi perform a thorough educational evaluation of our son at age 9, but he also developed a special connection and rapport with him. Dr. Rienzi was able to identify our son's strengths and weaknesses and provided several key recommendations that had been overlooked by the special education professionals in our school district. As an Independent Educational Evaluator, Dr. Rienzi attended a key IEP meeting and shared his insights with the educational team, resulting in an enhanced and more effective IEP program for our son

    Tina K

  • This past year, our son had his triennial evaluations for his IEP. After looking at the reports and listening to professionals from the school district tell us that they could not properly assess our son and that we need to consider a school placement we felt our son would not grow and learn in, we needed to look for an independent doctor to take a look at what our son can do. We were very impressed with Dr. Haytasingh's thorough assessment of our son. He took the time to review numerous different reports, spent the time needed to really get to know our son and then wrote an extremely detailed report on how our son can be successful and learn in his current school placement. He truly looked outside the box for our son. He even attended the IEP meeting to discuss the results of his report. He also worked really well with all school district professionals. We will use Dr. Haytasingh again and we will recommend him to others in need of a quality assessment.

    Mr. & Mrs. Surprise

  • Our school district hired Dr. Haytasingh to provide an Independent Evaluation for our 15 year old son, who was repeatedly denied an IEP by our school district each time we requested it. Teachers identified our son with learning issues as early as kindergarten. Attention screenings, meetings with the school psychologist, reading tutors, and pull out programs had little to no effect on helping our son find success in school. Teachers who didn't know how to work with our son chipped away at his self-esteem. School testing results were not interpreted correctly, and each successive school year became progressively more desperate for our son. Dr. Haytasingh was extremely patient in working with our family, tirelessly reviewed our records, and gained the trust and confidence of our son during their time together. Dr. Haytasingh helped research our son's prenatal history, worked with his treatment team, and it was found that our son was suffering from a Microscopic Seizure Disorder in his brain. Medication allows his brain to make the necessary connections for him to be able to read and comprehend, something he'd never been able to achieve previously. For our son, this is a true miracle. Moving forward, our son finally has an IEP, and the school district is helping our son find success in school that he's never found before. I wish I'd known about Dr Haytasingh and his good work 10 years ago.

    Valerie (and Greg) Hebert

  • It was a true blessing to have Dr. Rienzi involved in our Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE). From our very first phone call, Dr. Rienzi took the time to listen and understand our situation. He was very accepting, but objective throughout our evaluation. He did an unbelievable job and stayed unbiased in evaluating all the information provided. We appreciate his professionalism balanced with understanding our unique family. Although, he only did our evaluation, he will have a lifetime impact on our son’s long term success in life. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

    Jennifer McKenzie

  • Dr. Haytasingh worked with my son and spent enough time with him to really help him achieve. Dr. Haytasingh went above and beyond to ensure that the questions we had about our son, were answered. Thank you for your time and expertise.

    Jackie Rokei

  • Dear Rienzi, We want to thank you for being such a positive advocate for our son Corbin. When it was suggested that we have Corbin go through testing again we were not happy about it. We are always protective of him and very apprehensive to allow anyone to do more tests. You helped soften those feelings from the minute we met you. Right away I could tell that you were a warm and caring person. We trusted that you would do what was best for our son and you didn’t let us down. You have a special gift with these very special children. Our family is so lucky to have met you and we appreciate all that you have done and will keep doing to advocate for Corbin and many other children. Thank you for caring so much and making us feel so comfortable during this normally stressful time. Thank you, Dr. & Mrs. Randolph Barrows

    Dr. & Mrs. Randolph Barrows

  • “Rienzi is extremely caring and has great respect for all children and he truly values the potential of each child and how to best maximize the learning environment for students. His thoughtful analysis and thorough testing helped to create a complete picture of our child for the IEP team. He went out of his way to provide us with wonderful care and devoted extra time to our children.” Linda M, parent

    Linda M.

  • Dr. Rienzi performed a neuropsychological evaluation on my son and it was more than I would have ever expected. He was thorough in his testing and provided a detailed report that outlined not only the issues and concerns with my child’s learning abilities, but also methods for improvement and how to better teach my child. Dr. Rienzi has been available and responded promptly to any and all questions that we have had throughout this process and continues to assist to ensure my child receives the teaching that he needs to improve his ability to learn. The assessment performed by Dr. Rienzi has provided continued hope that my child will be able to learn more effectively and progress moving forward. It is difficult to fully describe how much we appreciate and value the neuropsychological evaluation and Dr. Rienzi as a professional and as a person. He clearly has my child’s best interests at heart. Shannon M., Mother.

    Shannon M.

  • Mine and my son’s experience with Rienzi was extremely comforting. I wasn’t sure how my son would react as he wasn’t comfortable with people he wasn’t familiar with. Going through the IEE process was nothing what I expected. Rienzi made my son feel at home, he immediately understood his uniqueness and made him a role player in the evaluation. He took everything my son shared into consideration and even walked me through and concerned himself with my worries during the IEP meeting at school. I am thankful to have had Rienzi in my corner during this hard process for my child and for my family.

    Gina R.